Typical Results

Given below are “before” and “after” pictures. After 3 treatments.



With advanced techniques and state of the art equipment, unveil the most beautiful, youthful and radiant you. Treatments are available for all skin types and colors, men and women, from age 12. Given below is a list of services and products available.

Laser Hair Removal
With LightSheer® Pulse Diode Laser or IPL, we offer gentle long lasting solution to unwanted hair. Areas treated are: upper lip, chin, side-burns, neck, under-arms, bikini line, chest, arms and legs. [Click here for more details]
Cost: $75 to $2000 for a series of treatments

Microderm Abrasion
Gentle and safe skin resurfacing with no downtime. Using a spray of fine crystals, dead, pigmented and sun damaged skin is gently cleared away to reveal softer, youthful and radiant skin. Fine lines, uneven skin tones and acne scars become less pronounced. [Click here for more details]
Cost: $125 for single treatment, $400 for a series of 4

Photo Rejuvenation & Vein treatment
Restore the skin’s youthful look with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments. There is no downtime. IPL from Lumenis is specifically designed to treat conditions such as Rosacea, broken blood vessels, wrinkles, age spots, and spider veins. [Click here for more details]
Cost: $200-$500 for Vein therapy; $450-$600 for Photo rejuvenation

Acne Photo-Therapy

70% to 90% of inflamed acne can be cleared in a month using an advanced laser. [Click here for more details]
Cost: $400 to $600 for a set of 8 treatments

Chemical Peels
Dramatic improvement in skin texture, age spots, freckles and superficial pigmentation will be seen with our customized chemical peels. They are safe with minimum to no downtime. [Click here for more details]
Cost: $75-$160 per treatment

Soften and erase expression lines caused by sun exposure and aging. Frown lines, Crow’s feet, and forehead lines can be treated.
Cost: $200 to $300 per area treated. [Click here for more details]

Collagen Fillers
Achieve smoother and younger skin, instantly, with Collagen. Smile lines, Crow’s feet, frown lines, and acne scars can be treated. [Click here for more details]
Cost: $475 per cc of Cosmoplast